Chicago Dancemakers Forum GREENHOUSE Artist

I am beyond excited to be included as a Chicago Dancemakers Forum GREENHOUSE artist. I am using this opportunity to develop my new project Brought to You By, a series of satirical dance films packaged as commercials. Through this program I'll recieved $4,000 for the development of the work and my mentor/cinematographer and collaborator on The Wayward Wind will recieve $1,000 for advising on the project. And so honored to be included with this group of artists: Erin Kilmurray, Elysia Banks, and Megan Young. 


Wayward Wind Music Video Shoot

I recently co-directed a music video with Steve Delahoyde and it's turing out beautifully. Steve created the original concept and then we collaborated, along with the dancers, to create the final movement and story. Here are some behind the scenes photos taken by Jason Beaumont. I'm looking forward to sharing the final edit!